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Notus - Web Notifications Widget

Yet another non-blocking pop-up notification library for the web, strictly without jQuery.

Position Alert Type Behavior Animation Type


    title: "Notus",
    message: "Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas!",
    autoCloseDuration: 5000,
    notusPosition: "top-left",
    htmlString: true



No Dependencies

There are ton of Notification widgets out there but they either depend on jQuery or they are too heavy to include in your already large project, Notus has no dependencies and is super-small to blend in your existing project. Honourable mentions; Notify.js & AlertifyJS

Light Weight

Notus is less than 4 KB (2 KB for JS & little over 1 KB for CSS) minified and gzipped.

Fully Flexible

Notus is fully customizable and supports several ways to show notifications (Popup, Toast & Snackbar) as well as custom styling using themeClass config.

Pure CSS3 Animations

Notus provides basic Slide and Fade animations which are entirely CSS driven. It even allows custom easing function (with animationFunction) and animation duration (with animationDuration) in config.

Works with Browsers, NodeJS & TypeScript

Notus supports web browsers as well as Desktop platforms like Electron or NW.js. It also supports TypeScript Type Definitions starting v0.3.1.

Latest Browser Support

Notus supports latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari & IE11+.